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Island Life Kitchen was created to showcase healing island food. I hail from NYC born and bred. Spent every family holiday on the island of Puerto Rico where my cultura is from. We spent our time on the island picking fruits and veggies off trees, fishing and making fresh meals straight from the source.

I was always health conscious and knew that our true eating habits and ingredients all hail from our Taino ancestry. Raised by A Jibaro " country man" I learned the traditional ways of cooking. I have continued to cook for myself in this manner.

Island Life in the City

Island Life Kitchen began as a self - love class. Living In the cIty life you can forget the need to be healthier/ take care of yourself. I knew that there were other people like me that were missing eating healthy and possibly did not even know how to do so. Meal prepping, recipe ideas and healthier alternatives were always my pursuit. Since its inception, Island Life Kitchen was created to HEAL FROM WITHIN.

Ingredients we use

Alkaline, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Paleo, Clean, Raw

We create a class based on your health pursuits. Do you wanna eat clean? Are you currently on a work out plan and need meal ideas? Are you suffering from ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, cholesterol, sickle cell anemia? I can help you with all of this.

I create a menu for you. Let us Heal from within together!

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  • What a fun and great class! Damaris was a great teacher and host; very flexible and understanding with everyone’s needs. I highly recommend this class to do with family or friends. I learned new recipes and techniques!

    Inés Rodriguez

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