About Island Life Kitchen

Damaris Oliveras is a Native Nuyorican driven to impart knowledge of Taino cuisine. Learning from her ancestors, she has honed her love of Puerto Rican Food, Music, Traditions to create Island Life Kitchen. A cooking class where you Engage, Learn and Create.

Island Life Kitchen came about from memories of fishing in sweet waters of Ciales and handling gardens full of fresh vegetables from fertile lands. The "Jibaro" way of life, the island life. Raised by a Jibaro "country man", I learned the traditional ways of cooking. I have continued to cook for myself in this manner.  Starting in a small NYC apt cooking for a few people at a time, we have grown to teach corporate groups from Shopify to 1000 heads. This class has become a corporate team building necessity! 

This cooking experience is 100% based on clean, organic, and fresh eating. Health is imperative. The Tainos began these traditions by using the freshest ingredients and were very adamant to "purify" the food. Damaris wants to share those secrets of clean eating that Island People enjoy daily.
Island Life Kitchen's motto and something Damaris is always saying is to HEAL FROM WITHIN.

Learn about Island ingredients and how to cook cleaner, healthier meals for you and your family. Ingredients we use include Alkaline, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Paleo, Clean, Raw or just old school Puerto Rican. All classes are based on your diet or health concerns. We eat to heal. Sign up today!